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I have over 30 years experience of teaching self-healing techniques, body work, memory work and meditation.

Marlene Alchemy Profile

Appointments available in person, via Skype or distance 
Phone, text or email Marlene for an appointment…
+44 (0)1309 690011 or +44 (0)75 995 00905
E: myremedies4@aol.com  Web: www.remediesmatter.com
www.facebook.com/marlene.butler.982  www.facebook.com/marlene.butler.982


Here is a link ALCHEMY,NO5,DECEMBER2014,Marlene to an article I was invited to write for the European Magazine “Alchemy” Aluna Temple about my journey healing lung cancer, financial crisis, and one of my passions, Transformative Tara Dance…  “Alchemy Through Trust and the Tara Dance” published in 2014.

“I am a New Zealander, living in Findhorn, Scotland. I have been in the natural organic health industry since 1982. I am a Natural Health Practitioner. I am dedicated to the principles of natural healing and I understand how nature works and heals.”

Marlene Butler is a Natural Health and Energy Medicine Practitioner with over 30 years experience. She is also a Tara Sacred Dance and Workshop Facilitator. Marlene is passionate about Personal and Planetary Transformation and the Healing Arts. Marlene has been connected with the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland since 1998. She is a Resource Person for the Findhorn Foundation in New Zealand and Scotland. http://www.findhorn.org

Our Health is our most important possession. It is based on the harmonious combination of many factors;

• a well-balanced lifestyle,
• spiritual contentment,
• zest for life,
• adequate exercise,
• healthy nutrition and
• natural remedies.

I offer a select range of quality natural essence remedies to combat an illness or common ailment. These are all HIGHLY recommended by me.

I have managed several complementary health practices. I work with clients intuitively, at a very deep level, with the main focus being in the now. As a natural healer, I work with what is the priority of the body, mind and soul in the moment.

To learn more about Marlene’s remedies, her upcoming workshops and journeys connect via email: myremedies4@aol.com

Appointments available in person, via Skype or distance.

Phone, text or email Marlene for an appointment…
+44 (0)1309 690011 or +44 (0)75 995 00905
E: myremedies4@aol.com Web: www.remediesmatter.com

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