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MPPlogo (3)Investigation of vibrational essence effects with PIP energy field imaging.

Prepared by Dan Ulanowsky
CHEFR UK, March 2003

Results and Discussion: The full report can be read below …

Investigation of vibrational essence effects with PIP energy.2016


This study is designed to investigate possible effects of mobile phone exposure on the person’s energy field and secondly the effects of introducing a vibrational essence on the energy field. Effects will be measured using with PIP energy field imaging.

PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography) is a visual non-invasive scanning system that reveals light interference patterns at and beyond the visible range. PIP utilises a unique fractal equation in the re-analysis of visible and non-visible light, identifying subtle distinctions and differences in light patterns that would otherwise be unseen by the naked Human eye. The PIP technology takes the image from a digital capture device and then applies a recoding formula to the live image.

Background to essences

The essences used in this study were created using sacred geometry. Sacred Geometry is an art of memory which employs geometric forms as symbols, for the memory and organization of a theosophy, which means a philosophy of divine wisdom.

The specific essences created here were prepared with the intention of reducing/harmonizing the potential negative effects from the radiations of mobile phones. Two types were created, a generic essence for use for any person (the ‘standardised’ essence – Type A), and an essence prepared specifically for the individual in this study – Type B.

Study Design

All essences were prepared by Marlene Butler, prior to the study. All scans were taken in CHEFR’s light controlled scanning environment, Exeter, UK. The PIP environment consists of white backdrop against which the participant stands. The scanning relies on interaction of the participant with light provided by a single 4’ full spectrum tube (Manufacturer) which is suspended above the participant, at 45º. This ensures controlled lighting throughout the scanning process. For each scan, the participant is aligned centrally beneath the light with the image capturing device (Video Camera) positioned directly in front of the participant. All essences were administered by placing 2 drops under the participants tongue.

Results and Discussion: The full report can be read below …

Investigation of vibrational essence effects with PIP energy.2016

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