Water Energiser

Tara Hawaii

Remedies Matter’s “Water Energiser” essence improves water’s quality and taste, thus improving the quality of our health. You feel better!

We all know, water stored in bottles and tap water, is stale, dead.
We all agree we need fresh, life giving water to cleanse our bodies and enhance our immune system. The better the quality the healthier we will be. SIMPLE.

Water companies, scientists, professors and doctors acknowledge the problem of when water is cleansed for drinking, the process removes vital minerals, vitamins and most of all the life force.

How does this work?
It has been proved through the work of Masaru Emoto “The Message from Water,” Viktor Schauberger, Professors David Schweitzer and Jacques Benveniste, Doctors W. Ludwig, and Dr. J. Batmanghelidj’s “Our Bodies Many Cries for Water.”
We only have to look at the work of these wonderful and dedicated people for the answers.

This process proves water is like a tape recorder.To learn more about Marlene’s remedies and her upcoming workshops connect via email: myremedies4@aol.com

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