Healing Remedies

“Working and Living In Harmony with Nature”
All essences £20 plus £5.50 P&P

“Manifest your heart’s desire”
Clearing blocks to abundance. Attract, manifest success and prosper.

Cell Memory Clearing
“Moving Beyond our Pain”
This essence helps us to work through and gently, yet powerfully, releases the memory of trauma so we feel safe and secure.

Chemical Release
“Neutralise the chemicals in your system”
This will help to release, clear and remove harmful substances from your body.

Energy Protection
“Strengthen, Clear and Protect your Chakras”
Protection from negative energies, whilst allowing one to stay open.

Grief Release
Helps clear sadness, grief, anger, guilt, anxiety and loss of motivation.

Mobile Phone Protection
“Protect Yourself and Your Children”
Neutralises and harmonises the effects of electromagnetic stress.
Is essential to protect against our modern day EMF stresses, such as mobile phones and computers. (Investigation report below.)

MPPlogo (3)Investigation of vibrational essence effects with PIP energy Report.

Investigation of vibrational essence effects with PIP energy.2016

Water Energiser
“Revitalising Our Most Precious Resource – Water!”
This essence improves our sacred water’s quality and taste. Improving the quality of our water will improve the quality of our health, life and performance.

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Guidelines for Use

The vibrational essences have traditionally been taken by mouth, that is, a few drops placed under the tongue or in a small glass of water.

We suggest you might like to try the following:

• Put a drop on the pulse points (wrists, throat, neck, forehead, soles of the feet)

• Put a few drops on your hands, rub them together and then sweep around the body, a few centimetres above the skin or clothes

• Rub a drop of essence between your palms and then cup your hands near your nose and breathe in the essence as it evaporates

• Put a few drops into an atomiser or sprayer containing water. Spray around the body or room

• Add a few drops to some massage oil

• Add drops to your bathwater

• An essence can be very effective when placed upon a specific chakra or meridian point

A good guideline for using essences is 3 or 4 times a day, or you can determine the frequency or method by dowsing or muscle-testing.

Individual experiences with essences will vary. Sometimes there may be strong reaction, emotional or other. If this is uncomfortable, reduce or stop for a while. Remember, these essences help you to change yourself – they do not create change by themselves. You are always in control and have free will. Use it!

Although all Remedies Matter essences may help to remove underlying imbalances and increase self –healing, they do not replace medical attention. If you have a concern, see a qualified medical practitioner.

All Remedies Matters essences are handmade using traditional methods. The energy signature is held in water and preserved in brandy. Essences are provided at “stock” level.

How these remedies work.

How my remedies work is by opening a door. (Others don’t do this.) What others do is enhance a resonance of what you should in effect “be doing” self-love etc. So you start to identify with this instead of previously self-destructive negative patterns.

What mine do, is create a space for the client to make their own new possibility. I don’t get they would work on everyone (What does?) But instead, these work for those striving for self-development. They in effect bypass the issue and create an opening. This is done naturally with our intent if we are focused enough.