Tara Dancing at the Theosophical Convention

Realm of the Enlightened Feminine

Tara Dancing at the Theosophical Convention

Marlene Butler, one of our Tara Dhatu facilitators in Napier, New Zealand, was invited to share Tara and the dance at the 118th National Summer Convention of the New Zealand Theosophical Society on January 11th 2015. The theme was “The Way Forward for Humanity: Achieving Universal Brother/Sisterhood.” Held at the Napier Girls High School, attendance was from all over New Zealand, Australia and as far away as the Philippines.

Marlene writes…

I have been presenting Tara’s dance and Tibetan bowl guided meditations at the Theosophical Society from the end of 2013 through 2014.  Chris Hensley, the President of the Napier chapter of the New Zealand TS, asked if I would like to present a Tara Dance meditation and talk at the convention.

There were sixty five men and women who joined me for the session. It was magical. All were very present and willing to join in the dancing. We were mainly a group of middle aged folk with a very mature young woman of 90, Tania, who was incredibly joyful that she could join in and experience the beauty of the moving meditation.

We danced the “Prayer of Motivation” which we in Napier call the “Tara Haka.” Some of the men in the group especially connected with this prayer. We followed with the dance of the “Mantra of Tara” and then I introduced the “21 Qualities of Tara.”

The convention was held the week the world was saddened and shocked by the tragic shooting that took place in France. Contrary to the intent of the terrorists, the world came together in a profound and unifying way.

I set the intention that we dance Green Tara’s 21 Qualities for the coming together and unifying of all people, linking our hearts with the heart of every man, woman and child.. The beauty and power of the dance touched us all and it was requested that another session be organized for the following day.

During the dance Tania stood next to me and held my hand.  She reported being just a little dizzy but when I suggested she could sit down she said, “I’m loving this dance and I will manage fine!”

The next day Tania was there waiting to once again participate. This session was just as enriching and well received. There was another woman who had some sort of injury and was hobbling with a walking stick, and she participated both days. Don’t you just love it when this happens?

Murray, from Auckland, one of the leaders of the TS, has offered to help with any logistics for Prema’s Auckland visit in July.  The TS has a quarter yearly magazine TheoSophia  and they are publishing my article, “Alchemy through Trust and theTara Dance” in their March edition. It was truly a refreshing and inspiring experience.

Om Tare!!!

Read my article on “Alchemy Through Trust and the Tara Dance” below…


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