Transformative Dance Weekend

Join the Transformative Dance
Celebrating the Divine Mother Tara
“Weekend Workshop”
June 10th – June 12th 2016
at Newbold House, Findhorn SCOTLAND.


with Prema Dasara of Hawaii and
Myri Tara Naves of Brazil.

This weekend workshop is an opportunity to engage with our inner potency. We penetrate the darkness, generate light and love, heal into wholeness and increase wisdom, energy, and blessings.

Dancing our prayers helps us to integrate all the aspects of our life’s experience into a spiritual journey of awakening. Dancing in the atmosphere of the enlightened feminine we use simple techniques that have powerful gifts. Each session of this weekend workshop introduces us to a joyful method of cultivating the tools we need to make the most of this human adventure.

This is an introductory workshop and no dance skills or previous knowledge of Sacred Dance is necessary to gain the healing benefits of this unique practice.

Developed by Prema Dasara, this work is based on Tibetan Buddhist Mind Training practices coupled with sacred dance movement from around the world.

The workshop begins Friday night after dinner, 7.30 – 9.30 PM.
Saturday 9.30 AM until 9.30 PM. Sunday 10.00 AM until 4.00 PM

Realm of the Enlightened Feminine

Friday night 7.30 – 9.30 PM – Intro to Dancing the Divine Feminine

Waking up the body mind, we orient our human journey towards realization and the light within. We explore the qualities of our awakened feminine nature, exploring the power of mantra and mudra combined with mindful movement and meditation.

Saturday morning – Dancing White Tara – Protection and Healing

We enter the protective realm of White Tara, who is known for her blessing of long life and good health. We examine our inner commitment to awakening, letting go of whatever holds us back, our guilt and our fears, our confusion and doubt, we dance into the rainbow light.

Saturday afternoon – Medicine Buddha

A deep experience of inner peace, the dance of Medicine Buddha helps us to cleanse our body mind of self obsession and enter into the brilliance of compassionate action.

Saturday evening – Tara Tames the 8 Fears

This dance drama was originally written for children, though there is nothing childish about the activity of examining our inner fears. Prema shares her experience in working with the grasping mind, keeping the atmosphere light even though the evening is focused on profound practice.

Sunday Morning – Gold Tara

Invoking the Golden Goddess of Plenty, we generate abundance, increasing our wisdom, wealth, energy, compassion and skill, celebrating the gifts of our lives.

Sunday Afternoon – Tara and the Tarot

These playful dances incorporate Brazilian Rhythms with the ancient wisdom of Tara and the Tarot. In the Tibetan tradition, the Goddess Tara has 21 emanations. Prema has discovered that they have a strong relationship to the western mystery schools embodied in the major arcana of the Tarot.

Prema is the Spiritual and Creative director of Tara Dhatu ( – an organization dedicated to uplifting humanity through the sacred arts. She is deeply committed to opening the door to the magnificent view of the preciousness of our human potential. She calls all to realize the wisdom and compassion dancing within their own hearts. With her personal experience of many spiritual paths, she shares her insights with exceptional clarity and lightheartedness.

About the Retreat Space IMG_2939 (1)

Located in a beautiful natural setting in Forres, near Findhorn, Scotland, Newbold House centre offers warm, comfortable communal living for this workshop retreat. This is a unique opportunity to study with two teachers and learn more about Sacred Dance. By practicing together in an intimate and beautiful natural setting, we have the opportunity to go deep.

Vegetarian meals are included (with accommodation for dietary needs). Our retreat and dance sessions will take place in the spacious ball room.

Residential and Non-Residential “Gift Economy” rates now are available. Space is limited, so register right away! A negotiable deposit is payable to secure a place. Alternatively please pay in full by PayPal to reference “Tara Findhorn”

All enquiries about this workshop please contact either:

Marlene Butler +44(0)75995 00905

Sara Trevelyan +44(0)77790 99164

5 thoughts on “Transformative Dance Weekend

  1. Hpw syncronistic Marlene I’ve been doing a daily White Tara practice coinciding with Ceres moving into Pisces. I cant book right now but Im definitely very interested Alison


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