Gold Tara – Goddess of Plenty

Transformative Tara Sacred Dance Retreat


Invoking the Golden Goddess of Plenty, we generate abundance, increasing our wisdom, wealth, energy, compassion and skill, celebrating the gifts of our lives.

May the infinitely rich and abundant Universe bring each and everyone, a life of comfort and ease. May our hearts ever open, in generous concern.

May the Great Mother of glory and fulfillment pour her wealth of wisdom and love upon us always.

Join the Transformative Tara Dance Retreat
Celebrating the Divine Mother Tara
“Weekend Workshop”
June 10th – June 12th 2016
at Newbold House, Findhorn SCOTLAND.

with Prema Dasara of Hawaii and 
Myri Tara Naves of Brazil.

All enquiries about this workshop please contact either:

Marlene Butler +44(0)75995 00905 or +44(0)1309 690011

Sara Trevelyan +44(0)77790 99164

We are now offering “Gift Economy” as this is a precious opportunity for those who feel drawn to experience these unique and transformative Tara sacred dances and special teachings. Those interested should get in touch with either Marlene or Sara as soon as possible.

Tara Hawaii


“I have grown in many ways as a result of my Tara dance experience. Thank you for your generosity & awakening me to people as companions on my path.”
Shash Broxson – Photographer, New Paltz, N.Y.

“This was fantastic, healing, nourishing, enlightening, & joyful.”

“Excellent!!! Effortless, joyous, nurturing practice, prayer and a great service to the world.”

“Thank you for allowing me to watch your beautiful dancing. The movement is like a river, the emergence of each woman like a flower blooming, the rhythm like a heartbeat. But it isn’t all soft and mushy, the women expressed much verve and mystery and mischieviousness. It was wonderful to see the Dalai Lama drawn to it and bring his energy to the whole celebration.”
Johanna Demetrakas – Videographer, L.A. Calif.

“Thank you for your presentation. As the organizer of the Tara event in our community, I am still hearing how you touched many hearts. Thank you also for sharing your wisdom and the profound teachings on the path of Tara. Dancing twice with you and participating in the meditation has opened many levels of Spirituality I never imagined. I admire the courage and faith it takes to hear and present a ” different drummer.” Knowing you has helped me acknowledge and accept my power.”
Lisa Henry, Prescott, Arizona

“I want to tell you that after spending the weekend with you & the Tara dancers, I was profoundly changed. I was really blissed out for about 3 days! Everything I normally do in my life felt extremely easy & I felt really connected to everyone & everything. I try to cultivate that feeling now in my practice.”
Heather Burkhardt, Pt. Arena, Calif.

“Often I call on the gifts you shared with us that weekend – I am forever grateful for what you have awakened in my spirit.”
Heleen Ellmore, Annapolis, MD

“This is the 6th time I have done this dance prayer with Prema & each time it is a blessing. Her teachings deepen & become richer; community & spirit are alive & healing. The presence of “Tara” is definitely felt. I highly recommend it.”
Bonney Meyer – Sacred Dance Teacher, Berkeley, Calif.

“It was a life transforming, uplifting and profoundly enriching experience. The teacher was authentic, sincere, engaging & inspiring. I hope to have the opportunity to learn more from her.”

“Too cool for school. I had a terrific time. Movement as a means of meditation and the study of qualities was very effective.”

“Prema’s love, compassion, and enthusiasm touched my heart more than I can express. The sacredness of the dance and the communion with goddess sisters will be with me for a long time.”

 “This weekend has been very healing and powerful for me. Through the acceptance of Tara in my life, I have finally found the unconditional love of the Mother. I can now let go of the past and accept myself and those around me with compassion and love. I have started letting go of being so hard on myself, and I am finding my center of peace.” Marianne, Berkeley, Calif.

“I feel that the heavy weight of fears & anxiety have gone. I am in my body, but without the weight of those fears. I am lightly energized. It’s as if a higher, spiritual energy has come to clear and heal me.”
Ana Extasie, Berkeley, Calif.

“I love to be with all these beautiful women. I always thought I had a problem with women (some women), but not with Tara women. I love every on of them! I love this experience and everything that comes with it. But most of all I love the praise of Tara in every aspect of this workshop. Tara helped me to finally end a struggle of a part within myself, to let go and make peace!”
Christel LaSando, Berkeley, Calif.

“The Tara Dance has awakened the sacred feminine within me. It amazes me how a group of such diverse women can come together with intention and create an exquisite design.”
Patricia, Berkeley, Calif.

“My first participation in the Tara dance was a turning point. My life has taken on an incredible quality of compassion, peace, and abundance. The Tara dance fills my heart at times beyond breathing, and the connection that it establishes with myself, fellow Tara dancers and the rest of the world, is Blessed, Blessed, Blessed!”
Stephanie, Berkeley, Calif.



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